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Legacy Reentry Foundation NFP was established as a non-profit faith based mission by Pastor George & ReGina Moore. After more than a decade of practicing outreach and assisting returning citizens reintegrate back society, Legacy was born and the mission of reentry truly began. 

Through George's personal experience with incarceration and the post-incarceration obstacles that he faced, the goal then became his signature phrase, "I'm going back to get me!"

In essence, Legacy was formed based on the personal challenges that George & ReGina encountered and their desire to prevent others from having to do the same. In following suit, 100% of Legacy's current staff are individuals who have been impacted directly or indirectly by the Legacy Justice System. Together, they work daily to expose their clients to God's inheritance for them through relevant resources such as life skills, job prep, financial literacy, traumatic care, youth development, faith-based teaching and so much more. These skills along with the consistent support of our staff further equips people to be the resource for others that they once needed for themselves - hence the name "Legacy".

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Legacy Timeline


In fighting his case, Pastor George started a ministry titled "Captive for Christ" both prior to, during and post incarceration.


Being inspired by his wife ReGina, George started a ministry called "King In You" which included weekly newsletters.


Two books were released on the year anniversary of George and ReGina's marriage called King In You, by George Moore and My Faith is My Fabulous by ReGina Moore. 


A generous donor provided Legacy's first office space in Waukegan. 


Legacy Reentry Foundation NFP was birthed as an official 501c3 faith based non profit mission. 


March 5th, Legacy had its official first grand opening.


Legacy received its first of two Capital Grants which allowed for the purchase of two buildings joined together. This building has became Legacy's current Training & Development Center. 


Legacy received an Operational Grant which has afforded a full and part time staff of  Justice Impacted Individuals.


Legacy Reentry Foundation is still operating under the theme of "empowering people with second chance resources" with the same intent of "going back to get me!"

We are living a LEGACY Mission

Isaiah 42;7

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