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Case Management 

Our Case Management staff is phenomenal, encouraging and always available to assist. The intensive work that our staff does as Case Management involves not only servicing the clients but understanding the client needs. Services include employment assistance, aid with social services applications and supportive services. Additionally Case Management, offers referrals to various community resources such as therapeutic services, expungement (driver's license reinstatement), home furnishing services and more. Our case Management also assist with our General Assistance Life Skills Group in Partnership with Waukegan Township. The GA class meets weekly on Tuesday's at Legacy where our case managers assist clients while providing a safe space for conversation. If you or someone you know is need of resources, please call us at (800)-573-8538 to learn details about referrals. 

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Thanksgiving Celebration 


Take a moment and listen to true client testimonials, that reflect the mission that is Legacy. Not only does Legacy provide resources like job assistance, referrals, and clothing, Legacy also provides a SAFE SPACE for any and everyone. Clients from all over the world, come to Legacy for support, comfort and most of all... rehabilitation. 

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