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L.A.M.P is our creative youth group aimed to promote artistic expression while providing a safe environment. Directed by Joshua Randolph and Carlos Sith L.A.M.P is unique focusing on the creativity and hidden talents of today's youth. Exposing them to industry level standards and talent opportunities, it's a chance to truly find out who you are. Motivating the youth by teaching them different forms of artistic expression  including acting, music, music production, dance, cinematography, photography and so many other talents. Join us every Wednesday from 5pm-7pm, located at A Crazy Place Venue to see the greatness that lies within!! 

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- Web series "The Root of All Evil"

- Improv acting 

-Produced/recorded multiple music singles

-Writing/Affirmation Prompts 

-Social Media Branding Skills

-Guest Entrepreneur Speakers 

-Teen Event Nights

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