George Moore Jr. founded Legacy Reentry Foundation NFP for the purpose of helping the formerly incarcerated, and anybody who needs a second chance, reintegrate back into society by providing relevant resources and Godly direction.

Through his personal experience with incarceration and the obstacles that he faced in returning to society God led him to start a ministry entitled “King In You” in 2007 where he encouraged and challenged people from all walks of life to rise above their past and to embrace their future in Jesus Christ through his written books, speaking engagements and ultimately the weekly classes that he teaches as a Chaplain at the Lake County Jail.

In 2015, he was inspired to incorporate others into the ministry of reentry and to leave a “legacy” beyond himself by forming a faith-based nonprofit entitled Legacy Reentry Foundation NFP. Legacy differs from most community outreaches in that it does not focus solely on giving people "2nd Chance" resources but Legacy empowers people so that ultimately they can empower others with the same assistance that they themselves have received.

The vision of Legacy is to give people 2nd chances through empowerment, education, and employment so that they would one day be equipped to empower their own families and others in society.


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